Work in Progress

I've also been making felt mountains!
25th May
Moving Mountains
I am living breathing and dreaming of clouds and mountains 24/7 at the moment as my deadline for the stoneware firing is getting closer and closer....argh!  I had this fantastic plan to make lots of little clouds to hang from the ceiling as part of our installation but stupid stupid stupidly forgot to poke little holes into my clouds before they were dry! Hopefully I can drill holes in them but they are so small I'm scared I will break them. I'm also even more scared I will drill a hole through my hand or end up with a shard of porcelain in my eye. I spent an hour and a half after work tonight sanding my moutains and clouds as smooth as I can possibly get them before painting.  I am tempted to leave some just white however as I know how beautiful that southern ice porcelain looks once baked! Looks like I have a busy week ahead!

Making Mountains

Kree: I have begun making little porcelain mountains as part of my contribution to this installation which is quickly turning into an obsession. I can pretend I am 'the creator' as I mould little miniature representations of majestic natural formations!