Conceptual Ideas

Kree: Today I met with the manager of the Westpac Bank, Vanessa to have a look at the space (from the inside this time and not feeling like a criminal). It is such a great space with really great exposure...we are very lucky!  It has made me rethink the idea of the frame construction for a couple of reasons.

.1. Vanessa mentioned to be we can hang work from the ceiling and suggested we use the height of the window space as people will be able to view the work sitting on the tram.
.2. She also mentioned it would be good if people could view it from inside and outside.

I think we should take advantage of this open space we have been given..  we could still use a pallet for the base to put clouds on and have the tree coming up through and we can suspend work from the ceiling and the tree.  We can also make plinths to raise some objects and create depth. Let me know your thoughts.  I have also updated progress of my mountain making on the work in progress page!

Head in the Clouds

Tovah:  Ok ladies: I've been thinking about the structure of this piece and a way to bring it all together. If we are using a pallet as our base, I thought we could build a tiered background with shelving space at the back. We can place things like Kree's mountains on it and build clouds up out of various textiles and paintings to create a sense of depth (see childish sketch below).
Let me know what you think and I can enlist the help of my boyfriend to build it. He has new tools and is all enthusiastic about building things. He made me drill holes in a block of wood: it was quite fun!
Kree and I also salvaged some old electrical rolls and I thought we could do a similar thing and surround them by clouds to create 'cumulus islands' and perch things on top. 

18th May
Down to Business

Kree: Looks good Tovah! Jade and I got together last night and I attempted to explain the general concept to her so she has an idea of the direction we are working in.  I think I had her very confused at first!  The idea of the tiered construction sounds really good as well as the little cloud plinths. Jade mentioned she can get hold of alpaca fleece from work which would be great for building up clouds around them. Jade has some cool ideas to work with the flying monkeys concept.  Monkeys in hot air balloons and maybe even on in a hand glider. We though one could be just emerging our of the clouds, one in the air, and one stuck in the tree! The important thing for her will be to know how much space she has to work with to know how big to make them. Some other ideas were talked about too such as a crochet spiderweb in the tree and yarn bombing the tree!  If Chuck is happy to go ahead with the construction of space maybe we should organise to get together this weekend so we can work out measurements and design the layout so we can start making. Yay Yay Yay!